Quality Control

Our ShenZhen office has a complete laboratory, with a team of engineers trained in international standards to conduct tests and product reviews. This way, adaptations and improvements of the products can be made in partnership with the suppliers, before the sending of samples for customer appreciation.

The process begin with a control sheet prepared by the customer from their own AQL (Acceptance Quality Limits) indexes. The load inspection is equivalent to a remote customer input survey. A report with the results of this control and the JT opinion is issued. The customer is free to accept or denied the opinion.

This quality inspection do not take away the technical responsability from the supplier. The objetive is to avoid problems detected in China to come to Brazil, where it would take longer and would be more expensive to correct.

We monitor the reports of customer service to analyze if the indexes are like they were established in contract. When necessary we performed a deep and imediate intervention to solve any epidemic problem.

The customer project is developed and continued according to all specifications from the begginig of the process.

Engenheiro fazendo um teste te qualidade em um notebook

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