About JTI

The JT Internacional was born through the experience from one of your founders who worked for more than 20 years in the eletronic factories as Procurement. The first trips to China seeking partnerships from industries, began in 1990 when he was there for the first time.

In 2003, driven by the experience aquired in the chinese market, founded the JT as a connection for new business between China and Brazil.

In 2006 due to high volumes and projects at developement, opened the first office at Hong Kong. And in 2010 a new office at the city of ShenZhen.

Today the JT Internacional has a team of brazilian and chinese professionals. They are trained in various areas of expertise. A team able to monitor all steps for products and parts suppliers development in China. Doing so we can assure you are buying what you have expected.

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Want to know how to have the best products from China in your company?

We can get the best results because we have a vast network of strategic relationships, both in Brazil and in China, developed over 30 years of work.
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