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We can achieve the best results because of our vast network of strategic relantionships, both in Brazil and in China, developed during 30 years of work.

We analyze the best way to explore the full power of purchase from our customers, choosing from our broad portfolio of suppliers the more suitable to meet the demands. Everything always priming for quality, agility in the operation processes and a good service.

The objetive is to develop products and components with the best cost-benefit ratio of the market and ensure that the buying process can flow more efficient.

We have a highly qualified team to develop products, involving conceptuation, design and engineering design.

We have a team specialized in price negociation and suppliers contract.

This way, the JT enables to your customers a review in the cost structure of their products, with a improvement in the quality of the inputs, and a review at the internal costs related with logistic and financial, increasing the performace of the entire production chain.

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