It`s necessary a import license or what we call, Radar, to import from China or whatever other country.

Yes, it is. The Radar (from portuguese Rastreamento de Atuação dos Intervenientes Aduaneiros) it`s sistem that permits a private individual or legal entity to carry out foreign trade operations, both imports and exports. Right after the send and approval of the documents, the company or individual is enabled to use the SISCOMEX (Sistema Integrado de Comércio Exterior from portuguese)

When you have your Radar you have to specify the branch of your company`s activities.And as a rule your imports should be related to your business activity.

You must do a search for a supplier. There are many ways to do it. You can do it trough Google, Alibaba, Global Sourcing and similar sites. However these searchs are superficial but they help you have ideias or if exist suppliers selling what you want.

The second step consist in you select some suppliers and enter in direct contact with them to deeper analyze them and their products.

Depends on your specialty but the most broad one is the Canton Fair. It has many sectors and you must select the one who approach your needs.

Pretty simple. You have to go to a Chinese consulate and apply to visa to China. The ideal is that you must have a invitation from a chinese company. We also recommend you to buy the plane ticket and have a hotel reservation to help you obtain the visa.

Yes, it`s very easy to find a translator. But for a business fair you should contract a specialist translator for such a task.

This part is more complicated because of the many taxes we have in Brazil. The ideal is for you to have a customs forwarder so he can provide you all the details and spendings for your import.

The most normal one is to pay 30% at the order and 70% before the shipment of the products are sent. Also has the possibility to open a letter of credit with the supplier. The second one is more secure, but is also more complex and expensive.

Without a doubt, is the letter of credit. But is not the more usual because of it`s complexity and price.

Companies with high volumes use it. But for smaller volumes the parcial payment at the order and the remainer before the shipment is the more usual.

As you are paying in the act you don`t need to worry about this. You know the price of the products when you are purchaising it. What could happen is a diference in the taxes that are charged in dolars.

In this case there is nothing to do. You have to follow the exchange rate of the day. Obviously you can buy dollars in advance and calculate the conversion at the time to pay. But this is not usual, the importer end up having to take the risk.

In general after the arrival, between 5 – 10 days at max. In case this don`t happen something out of regular happened, like the need of a extra verification. Hardly passes 20 to 30 days.

The job of the service company is to be a facilitator as it knows all the processes from China and Brazil.

So whoever request the importation will save time. Avoiding documentation problems and frustations with products quality.

The intermediary in reality is not a buyer/seller intermediary. But actually he is a specialist who will assist you in every step of the operation so you can obtain sucess, and will charge you for it. And not with markups from sellers, as a intermediary would do.

The import specialist know all the processing, what makes the business being much more cheaper than usual, as he can avoid errors and losses caused by inexperience, lack of knowledge, or for lack of monitoring and support from a local office.

In case you want to regularly import on your company, so you should import directly. Its a long way to learn all the steps to import, but once you have learned it will bring confort and security to your company.

This long way can be short also, if you have the right people to be trained, and good coachings or trainers. And we are one of it.

We always encourage our customers to make their own importations. Our main goal is to export from China for you here, with support in Brazil. Both from the logistical documental point of view and also from the technical point of view of the products you will importing.

A greater mastery of your business! More control.

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